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Author: Orchards of Minnetonka

The role pets play in our health and happiness

Have you ever noticed how snuggling and petting a dog, or giving a cat on your lap gentle strokes seems 
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Taking the Car Keys Away

“Mom, I don’t feel safe in the car with you.” “Dad, I think your eyesight is getting worse.” “I don’t 
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Independence vs. Isolation – How Senior Living Improves Lives

Many older adults want to stay in their home as long as possible. There is an assumption that staying in 
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Moving To A Senior Community: How to Get Ready When You’re Not Ready!

Many older adults think about moving to a senior living community, or have had talks with their family members about 
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Difficulties of Dementia

People living with dementia experience many difficulties. They may have problems with language like word-finding struggles, substituting one word for 
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Alzheimer’s and Dementia: The Basics

There’s a lot of confusion out there around what is Alzheimer’s and what is dementia. Is there any difference between 
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