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Journey Program for Couples

Orchards of Minnetonka Offers Senior Living Options for Couples

Happy couple senior living at Orchards of Minnetonka

The Journey Program is for couples living together at the Orchards of Minnetonka. When couples with differing care needs choose to remain together in the same apartment, the Journey Program offers an affordable break for the spouse caregiver. Meaningful and engaging programming is provided for the spouse living with dementia.

The Journey Program can also act as a bridge between Assisted Living and Memory Care and can help ease the transition into this new setting, for both the individual with memory loss and their family.

The Journey Program is designed to provide current residents, who receive assisted living services, the opportunity for increased activity and socializing in the memory care neighborhood.

Staying active and interacting with others helps older adults maintain self-worth and independence. We work with each participant to meet his or her needs, whether it is to explore a new hobby or to spend some quiet time alone. The charge for each 4-hour block is $35. Meals and snacks are included.

Take the Next Step in Your Journey Together With the Independence and Care You Both Need

Orchards of Minnetonka offer a variety of recreational and social activities for seniors, including:

  • Exercise
  • Cooking/baking
  • Trivia, reminiscing and current events
  • Parties and special events
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music and much more

Medications and Incontinence for Senior Care:

Medications and incontinence care can only be given if the participant is already receiving this service through our Home Care Department.

Loved ones of participants must sign up for scheduled dates and times. Extended hours and times are available. The charge for each four-hour block varies from community to community. Meals and snacks are included.

To attend, participants must be clients of our Ebenezer Home Care.

For available times and additional information on Orchards of Minnetonka assisted living, Journey Program Contact Us today or give us a call at 763.417.1077. To learn more about Ebenezer Journey Program, visit EbenezerCares.org

Common Journey Program Questions

Who is the Journey Program available for?

The Journey Program is available for any couple with differing support needs. The person with dementia will spend time doing activities in our Memory Care Neighborhood while their spouse gets time to pursue individual or community activities. Everyone needs time to go to the doctor, shop, have lunch with friends, get their hair cut, or play a game of cards, the program offers the caregiving spouse the time to do those things.

What amenities or activities are available?

Caregiving spouses receive the opportunity to enjoy individual or community pursuits while they are assured that their spouse is enjoying time with art, music, and other activities in a warm, safe environment.

Can the caregiving spouse still assist with providing care?

Caregiving spouses are still living and caring for their loved one. Journey is a scheduled day program so that the couple can enjoy time doing individual activities.

How does pricing work for couples where one spouse requires care while the other does not?

The Journey Program is paid by the couple; they pay for the care and services needed by the spouse with dementia.

What are the benefits of couples with different needs staying together at a senior living community compared to other options?

Couples at Orchards that have differing needs are still able to live together while receiving the care that one or both of them need. They have convenient access to the support, programs, and activities that enhance their care services and retirement lifestyles. If one of the partners needs to add support like medication management, personal care, or Memory Care, they can talk to our team and we can quickly accommodate the requests. With Journey Program, there is no need to make big changes when there is an adjustment in needs, instead, you are able to remain living with your spouse and receive the convenient support of our staff and community.

When should couples consider the Journey Program?

Couples should consider the Journey Program when one member has memory care needs and the caregiving spouse would appreciate time to refresh, both individually or with a community.

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